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Heidi Meyer

The pear does not fall far from the tree. :D Her illustrations are gorgeous!! She is so talented! I love her dollies and her business award is awesome. xxoo Heidi


So sad because the paper dolls seem to be sold out on the etsy shoppe (Love them!) Will she be offering more??


Re: [Little Pink Studio] LindaSonia submitted a comment to Paper Dolls!

There are more listed now! :) She is at work and had no idea I had mentioned them today.


sweet paper dolls Cerri! your daughter must take after her talented mother. yes, summer is flying by now isnt it? but we still have all of august... thank goodness! I'm not ready for fall and especially not for that bad word that comes after!! lol
have a great week

sonia audelo

These are just awesome. Your daughter is very talented. You must be a proud momma. They made me smile too :)

Zie Campbell

Thanks for all the kind words, folks! :}
And thanks, Mom for being awesome and posting this, ha. :}
And yes, I do take after a very talented momma. She's my hero.
-Zie, Kenzie, Oldest Daughter that she keeps referring to, heh.


adorable and fun!!!


shelley davis

These are wonderful. Thank you. I will send them to my grandestdaughter. Her mommy is named Jessica and her sister is Sarah. How fun.


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