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WHat a great party! congratulations to your adorable daughter. Loved that you shared!


Hi Cerri! She is so darn cute! Congratulations!
My girl is also graduating in June, we are still in the whirlwind of all the preparation, I am not sure which end is up right now but we are having fun!
Hugs! karen....


Congrats to your lovely daughter on such a great accomplishment! You did an amazing job on her party.

Zie Campbell

Such a pretty party! & The food was pretty yummy too! :]

Yvonne Welty

Wow, what a great party. Lots of luck to your daughter. You're a wonderful Mom to give her such a sweet party.


Congratulations to your sweett daughter and wow, what a cool party!

Kris Pare

Oh what a lovely sweet party and your beauties are off for some fun! Congrats!

sonia audelo

Wow Cerri!! You did an amazing job. You should be proud of yourself. Your little girl is beautiful and smart. She will achieve greatness. I will be in your shoes next year. My oldest will be graduating Highschool. I hope I am as strong as you. (((hugs)))

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