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Jessica Kuszmaul

I got a set of handmade ornaments from my 4 year old and I love them...best gift!


It is hard to narrow it down to one favorite gift-my two favorite gifts were a new computer bag and a light box to help me improve on my photography skills.


My favorite gift was new cabinets for my sewing room!!,

Chelsea Ann

My family got me a wooden pull toy I had pinned! It was such a wonderful surprise, it made me tear up. I also got a really unique vintage homemade pull toy. I don't know what it is about pull toys but they make me so happy. I think it started with my first chattering fisher price snoopy dog.

Happy new year Cerri!

Chelsea Ann

I follow your lovely posts on FB :)


My favorite gift was the stocking I received in the stocking swap! I just love it!


my favorite gift was an anthro gift card ...the packaging was amazing n will be used in my 1st journal...
happy new year Cerri.

Brenda Meade

Happy New Year Cerri. May God bless you this 2013.
My favorite gift was my new art journal from Dylusions.
My husband gave it to me and he nevers buys me things like this, so it was double joy!!!! The gift and the giver!

Sandra Henkel-Johnson

I really can't pick just one, as there were so many different reasons that made them special. It could be the silver and turquoise earrings from a husband who doesn't like to buy jewelry, but knows I love jewelry, to the beautiful log bookcase my adult sons picked out themselves, to the sizzix big shot that I got for a tremendous price, along with some assessories, and had my husband give to me (I haven't had time to do any type of crafts in years, so I really didn't even know about such things, but saw it and thought it looked great, but I didn't get to touch it or try it out until Christmas)......anyway, Happy New Year!!!


Following you on facebook also!

T. Nicholls

...Etsy gift card. :)

New Year's blessings,


T. Nicholls

Following on facebook. :)


My favorite gift was having my youngest son back home for the holidays, and of course, spending family time with my eldest son and my husband and reconnecting with my sister. It wasn't a store bought present but one more special to me than that!!


I think my favorite gift was just being with my little family... I love the bracelets my husband gave me too!
Happy New Years sweet Cerri! karen...

Jessica Rodarte

Happy new year, Cerri! I got a jacket I had been eyeing for a while. :) Thank you for the opportunity!


Well I just left my first comment on facebook! Usually don't, but had to say how cute that pic is. I did not get any lambs for Christmas, but I did get one of my other favorites a deer.

Lavender Dreams

How sweet of you! I received some paper dolls from my best friend...she made them so they are extra special! Thanks! I'm off to visit your store! Happy New year!

Kim Caldwell

Happy New Year Cerri!! I received a wonderful fabric hanging bag to take all my outfits to events that I coordinate beforehand! Call me a crazy Virgo! Great giveaway ~ you KNOW I adore your shop!!



Cynthia Flores

My favorite gift this year was a necklace someone had made using vintage rhinestones from my hubby. It's so beautiful. This was also the first time hubby got me something handmade!! After 9 years, he finally got it right, HA!! ;)


My husband bought me Snow Queen and Snow King dolls. I just love them!

Pat C.

My favorite Christmas gift was a small set of much-needed crafting supplies that my husband assembled. (Yes, I actually squealed out loud over a bottle of Fabri-Tac!!! hehe)

How sweet of you, Cerri, to give us the opportunity to win such a generous prize! xoxo

valarie kraft

My favorite Christmas gift was having my son come home from Vermont for the holiday!! Xxoo Valarie

Cindy Hopkins

Hi sweetie, my most favorite n actually only thing igot for Christmas this year was a phone call from my son whom i hadnt heard from in almost a year!!! I was in bed that evening missing him, even tho i am VERY blessed to have my health n every one else in my family doing great. I was still thinking of him. All of a sudden my cell phone rang, i picked it up and it was a number i didnt recognize so i answered it, needless to say hes doing fine n actually come to think of it, it was agreat Christmas all around. Thx for having a giveaway for us, Your friend Cindy

Molly Pearce

My favorite gift, was a coupon to get a 4d picture of my baby girl from my mom! -molly pearce


My favorite gift was the handmade art doll my daughter made for me. And, of course, being with my loved ones!

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