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Mrs. Tricia k

Hi Cheri, I'm new to you blog…but LOVING IT!!!!! What a cute idea, thank you so kindly for sharing!!!!!

Kris Pare

Cerri, I so loved my sweet box! Finally posted all my pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Heidi Meyer

So darling ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

shari replogle

They are so sweet !
I Love ballerinas.
And, they are adorable:)

Yvonne Welty

Everyone gets in a funk sometimes. In my little spot of the world many friends are losing family members unexpectedly. Sad!I done a lot of "comfort" cooking for those friends. Which is pretty funny when you think on it because I'm not really that great of a cook. But it's easy to throw basic dishes together and I like to think that they know how much I care about them when they sit down to dine. May 2013 begin to be a happier year than it's been so far. Hang in there!


Parenting is a challenge! Just keep in mind that our parenting from a developmental standpoint is finished even before they are teenagers. The teenage years are their time to practice at being grown while having the safety net of a loving home- at least the lucky ones! My oldest had it rough for most of his early life - and he was really good at making things even worse for himself. At 16 I could see it was time to let him loose. I allowed him to drop out of high school after failing every class two years in a row. My ex wasn't happy but he'd had no better success. He moved out, struggled, had his heart broken, moved out of town, made mistakes, began to tire of the mistakes, moved back to town with a girlfriend, is now living with her and a couple really good roommates, has a good job and looking into finishing school. He's chosen the hard way, but has known he had our unconditional love. There were boundaries, especially once he was 18, but there's also been plenty of open ears with closed mouths, lots of coffee, baked stuff, mom's cooking, as well as a bag of groceries here and there. Lots of prayer, too. The bible says "train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." No matter a person's belief in God, the principle is true. She'll come around!!! Keep on loving her, grit your teeth and bite your tongue (til it bleeds sometimes, lol). I just am so relieved for my easy-going 18 yr old daughter and hope my other five follow suit!! Sorry for the book, I just remember what it's like. Wish I could give you a hug,and by the way, had a blast with the stocking exchange!!

angela eharis

sorry about your funk! i just got thru a 2 year funk, it was why i started following bloggers because i just could not get out of it! and now i started my own blog, maybe i can inspire someone else or help someone else get out of a funk. life is definately tough sometimes and we go to these crazy places, even though we know deep in our hearts it is all good, but we still go there, and if you are a artist type person, you stop creating/crafting and that really gets us frustrated! just know that this too shall pass, but hopefully not long like mine, i should have reached out sooner. anyways, even in your funk you are still posting some awesome pics! ts for sharing and where did you get those ballerinas? i remember those when i was little! aloha, angi in hana

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