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Mrs. Tricia K

Cerri ~ I’m glad to hear that you too find yourself uninspired at times. I tend to get bugged with myself when I let my craft area get out of control to the point I don’t have any ambition to even work in there..so it’s nice to hear you struggle with the same problem and you have such a gorgeous room based on the photos I’ve seen.
Someday when I have my “ideal crafting space” I’m going to have my man cave right next to my crafting space … as I want the perfect balance of my two favorite things next to me..hubby and crafts!
Congrats on your wonderful finds ~ what fun for you!!!
PS ~ I like to quickly sneak into your blog when my colleagues have left for the day so I can feel oh so inspired before I leave here!! Tee Hee
Thanks Cerri ~ Tricia



Great finds! I laughed when you talked about your messy studio, been there and living that! Can't wait to get mine in ship-shape too! Good luck, you can do it!

incipient wings

wow! great finds!!
love everything you have here!!
I still have my mom and dad's wedding topper kinda looks like that one<3
Oh I hope your studio clearing goes well...i know how that is...I sometimes make stuff in my little girl's room at her desk....lol
have a wonderful week!!!

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